Available courses

Learn the Foundations of Psychic Development

The first course in psychic development is an online independent learning course that you can finish in six weeks. You will, however, have 180 days to complete the course.

Beginner's Psychic Development is, as the name implies, for the beginner. It's also an excellent course for advanced practitioners to remind themselves of the "basics."

This course will prepare and develop the mental, intuitive, & physical body of the student.

This six-week course includes meditations and visualizations intended to:

  • raise consciousness
  • balance the brain
  • bridge the conscious and unconscious mind
  • open psychic energy centers
The course also includes:

  • psychic and energy protection techniques
  • remote viewing
  • subconscious mind work
  • telepathy
  • dream interpretation
  • basic energy healing
  • past life exploration
This course contains:
  • About 40 minutes of video
  • Around 2 hours of audio
  • 18 reading assignments (all provided) each ranging from a few minutes to about a half-hour in reading time
  • A suggested reading list to further enhance learning
  • A Final "Test" to check your knowledge
  • A digital certificate on completing and passing the final test

Tuition: $125